(Eng) Ringle Service Introduction

What is Ringle 1:1 Online English Learning?

Provides a convenient booking system
Based on YOUR preferences [Date/time/tutor/materials]
Can be accessed through [website/mobile app]
Lessons for [20 or 40] minutes
Focuses on conversation and real-time correction with native English-speaking tutors
1:1 Online English education service

We recommend Ringle for YOU!

Those who are stuck at a certain level and struggling to improving their English
Those who are confident in reading and listening but find difficulties in speaking and writing in English
Those who use English in office/school and need immediate support in writing personal documents
Those who are preparing for international kindergarten, studying abroad,or college
Those who wish to take English online tutoring service ANYTIME and ANYWHERE
Those who want to maintain their English skills from studying overseas

Want to know more about Ringle?

Ringle 1:1 Tutoring Lesson

Book a lesson anytime, anywhere!
Ringle is an online tutoring platform, provided anytime and anywhere
You can learn at your own pace, and choose your lesson date and time
Both website and app are accessible
Personalized 1:1 lesson guide for you!
Customize your lesson depending on what type of lesson you require!
You can submit specific requests to personalize your lessons (correction requests, preferred lesson style, etc.) and leave requests to your tutor!
Feedback report via AI analysis
Check out review tab for various features!
Audio-recording & script
Used vocabulary range & phrases
Speaking pattern and suggested expressions
Predicted scores for official English proficiency tests
Lesson evaluation in 8 categories

Ringle has

Lesson Process: Personalized from start to finish
Ringle Tutors: Bright and Scholarly
Ringle Materials: Exclusive Lesson Materials
Install [Zoom]
[Schedule] lesson
[Preview and Prepare] materials
Optimize my settings
[Enter] Lesson
[Review] Lesson
Ringle tutors are from Ivy League & Top 30 universities who strive to empower students to express themselves in more eloquent ways through real-time correction
+700 tutors from world's top universities +70% tutors from Ivy League & Top 20 universities
Tutors from majoring in 50 or more different fields Tutors majoring in Business, Tech, English Lit, and others
Wide variety of materials that deal with various topics
290+ topics on Business, Politics, Economics, Culture, Sports, etc.
Writers from top MBA & Ivy League schools
Professional insight you won't find anywhere else
New content released every week
The most up-to-date trends around the world
Lesson Topics are like...
Business/Start up
ELON MUSK'S VISION FOR THE FUTURE One of Elon Muskโ€™s dreams is to make a carbon-free world, to make the Earth more sustainable. This material shows Muskโ€™s vision of energy, from eco-friendly power generation (Solar City) to carbon-free vehicles (Tesla).
Business/Start up
THE RAPID GROWTH OF AMERICAN IT CONGLOMERATES AND THE ANTITRUST CONTROVERSY Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft - what they have in common is that they gloabally monopolize the core online businesses (search engine, social media, online logistics, OS, etc.). Why were they relatively free from the Antitrust Act? Can they keep their monopoly in the future as well?
Toy Story: Why is Toy Story Still so Beloved at Twenty-Five? Premiered in 1995, Toy Story remains one of the most innovative and beloved films in the United States. Then why is Toy Story Still so Beloved at Twenty-Five? One of the reasons behind Toy Story's success is because of the novelty of a completely computer-animated film. Why do you think Toy Story has succeeded?
Everyday Conversations
If you win a lottery: A colossal amount of money can make people happy? Have you ever imagined yourself winning a lottery? According to Daniel Gilbert, a social psychologist at Harvard University, happiness from a lottery win does not last for more than an average of three months. Of course, some people live a happy life even after they hit the jackpot. Do you think a colossal amount of money can make people happy?
Can lesson be conducted with personal lesson materials?
No worries! You can upload personal lesson materials (CV, Resume, Essay, Presentation etc.) of your interests! Or, choose any trending issues that you want to share with tutor and practice free talking!

Ringle Webinar

Interactive Focused Way of Learning Professional English

Sample Webniar Video

Ringle Webinar is an English learning content platform created by Ringle's most loved and dedicated tutors
U.S./UK's office worker tutor team shares real business experiences and recent trend insights!
Live and VOD, both provided!
What topics does webinar offer?
Grammar In Use Cover grammar from basics to advanced
Ringle Class Explore Ringle's materials from A to Z + study with Ringle's best tutors!
Business/Career English Learn the fastest way to upgrade your business/career English
Trend/ Culture / Life (TCL) Learn about insights and trending issues every week!

Ringle Team

Ringle team's mission

Ringle's mission is to break-down language barriers to open more opportunities for everyone.

Contact Ringle team

Please feel free to contact below channels (Office Hours: weekdays 10:00 ~ 18:30 KST)
Ringle Global Team Song (Ringle Global Team Operation Manager) song@ringleplus.com
ChatBot (channeltalk) Ask through Channeltalk
Kakao channel Ask through Kakaotalk
Ringle phone number (+82) 02-6204-8881